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The original Maud

Born 1934 in Southampton, England, my grandmother Maud was naturally beautiful. With her father's smiling Irish eyes and her mother's good looks, it was love at first sight for 22-year-old James Clarke at The Plaza Ballroom in Belfast, where they met.

Concerned that being just 17 might ruin her chances of marriage, Maud's white lie of being 21 next birthday was a gamble. Imagine James' surprise when he turned up at her 18th birthday party with a gift and card for her 21st… But it didn't get in the way of true love and the happy couple married a year later.

The beauty of Maud

My wonderful 80-year-old grandmother is the inspiration behind my vision for 'Maud's of Beverly Hills'. A true beauty, Maud took care of her skin and her appearance and always looked her best. She still does. Her simple beauty routine of daily moisturizer has paid off. And to this day, her glowing skin is almost wrinkle-free.

Maud's of Beverly Hills

At Maud's, we offer just two lines of specialized service because we believe in focusing on the basics to reveal your true beauty.


Once home to the celebrities of Maud's era – Greta Garbo, Clarke Gable, Vivienne Leigh, Jane Mansfield and so many more – the neighborhood in which Maud's is located is the perfect place to embrace my vision of Maud's of Beverly Hills.

Victoria Maud Anne O'Brien

Maud by design

The fabulous print that features throughout the salon was created by Florence Maud Broadhurst – the flamboyant Australian designer.

Florence Broadhurst

"Beautiful eyes create the nicest smile."

Maud Clarke