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What Are The Benefits of A Face Massage?

Face massages are this season’s newest must-have treatment. With all those zoom meetings scheduled back to back, we all want to look our best!

There are several health benefits of massage. Lymphatic massage helps our bodies’ systems detox, reducing puffiness and inflammation, and producing taut, glowing skin. If facial rejuvenation massage can firm the skin, might we be looking at the new alternative to botox? A needle-free face lift?

Knowing the impact massages have on the rest of my body, we, at Maud’s of Beverly Hills have launched a new series of treatments to fit the current era: Face Massages.

Manhattan-based Dermatologic Surgeon Dendy Engelman says, “Massaging the facial skin helps to relax the muscles that tend to cause stress lines. The stimulation of the skin results in increased circulation, which ultimately helps produce collagen and elastin.” The dermatological fountain of youth. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin. If we can increase our body’s production of these two compounds, our skin has the natural ability to resist the signs of age.

Facial rejuvenation massages are for all skin types and are a great alternative if for those seeking results similar to botox or a face lift, without going under the knife. Face massages produce cellular oxygenation, detox and lift, so you can kiss puffiness goodbye! During the massage, each facial muscle is activated by techniques applied to targeted areas. The manual lymphatic massage promotes cell oxygenation and blood flow in the skin. According to some clients, face massages are the best detox massage in the world!

The best part of any facial is always the relaxing massage, and here at Maud’s, you can choose what to address in your skin, and select a facial rejuvenation massage to deliver customized results.

Our skincare menu offers three specialty face massage treatments: The “Lift & Glow,” “Relax & Glow,” and “Botox-Like”. Let’s start with the Botox-Like massage, because who doesn’t want a face lift delivered at the hands of a professional masseuse? The Botox massage decreases wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines. This facial rejuvenation technique applied, creates a plumping and smoothing effect, not only giving a youthful appearance, but can also be combined with botox injections, to ideally smooth the treated area. The Lift & Glow incorporates draining, detoxing, lifting and sculpting French techniques, providing you with a desirable lifting effect. The Lift & Glow can also be therapeutic to cutaneous tissues following a surgery or procedure.

A massage is always key to delivering relaxation and subdermal circulation, which leads us to the “Relax & Glow”. Its digito-pressure and drainage techniques sound like botox, a face lift, and a day at the Hot Springs combined. The benefits of manual massage are intensified by rose quartz stones, which assist in decongesting skin to remove toxins and smooth its surface, helping products penetrate deep into cells, and reducing excess liquids and oedema. A detox plus de-puffing powerhouse!

For more information about our Face Massages or to book a treatment, simply contact us!